Universidade de Vigo

Nuria Yáñez Bouza's monograph has just been published with Cambridge University Press


Entitled Grammar, Rhetoric and Usage in English. Preposition Placement 1500-1900, this book investigates preposition placement in the early and late Modern English periods (1500–1900), with a special focus on preposition stranding (The house which I live in) in opposition to pied piping (The house in which I live). Based on a large-scale analysis of precept and usage data, this study reassesses the alleged influence of late eighteenth-century normative works on language usage. It also sheds new light on the origins of the stigmatisation of preposition stranding. This study will be of interest to scholars working on syntax and grammar, corpus linguistics, historical linguistics and sociolinguistics. You can read more about Nuria's monograph on the CUP website here.