Sara Durán González holds a BA in Foreign Languages, with a specialisation in English Literature, from the University of Vigo (2016) and an MSc in Literature and Society: Enlightenment, Romantic and Victorian from the University of Edinburgh (2017).

For her Master’s dissertation, supervised by Dr. Kate Ash-Irisarri (University of Edinburgh), and entitled “Playing Dowdies and Dandies: A Study of Gender and Performativity in Oscar Wilde’s Comedy Plays”, she studied Wilde’s treatment of gender issues in his theatrical work in order to expose an understanding of gender and identity as social constructs to be constantly negotiated and performed.

Sara is currently developing her PhD dissertation, supervised by Dr. Jorge Luis Bueno Alonso at the University of Vigo, where she revisits Wilde, but also Shakespeare, to explore the deeper, often overlooked connections between the two, as well issues raised in their work that continue to be of universal relevance for literary and thought movements nowadays. She develops her work under a three-year predoctoral grant from the University of Vigo.

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