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We're back with the new academic year! Here's the provisional list of presenters, which we'll update frequently. Exact date and titles to be announced.


NOVEMBER 7, 18:30 

Fred AlyaqoutPredicting Pitch Prominence in Tri-Constituent Compound Nouns: A Speech Perception and Production Analysis

(Chairs: Esperanza Rama & Rosalía Rodríguez)



DECEMBER 1, 17:00

Mar Nieves Fernández, The status of the velar nasal sound /ŋ/ in eighteenth-century spoken English 

(Chairs: Esperanza Rama & Nuria Yáñez)



JANUARY 26, 17:00

Ivo Boers, Code-switched plural nouns within and across language pairs

(Chair: Carmen Parafita)


FEBRUARY 15, 17:00

David Hernández Coalla, A preliminary approach to non-standard pronouns in English 

(Chairs: Javier Pérez-Guerra & Paula Rodríguez-Puente)



MARCH 23, 17:00

Elizaveta Smirnova, A multidimensional analysis of academic discourse: hard vs soft sciences [link to recording]

(Chair: Javier Pérez Guerra)



MAY 11, 17:00 

Osmer BalamCode-switching and Morphosyntactic Innovation in Northern Belize: A Cross-generational Perspective

(Chair: Carmen Parafita) [link to recording]



JUNE 5, 17:00

Pablo VilasThe clausal complementation of ADMIT in PostColonial Englishes: Preliminary findings and future directions

(Chairs: Elena Seoane & Cristina Suárez) [link to recording]


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Previous seminars


14 June 2022, Yolanda Fernández Pena: "Fragments: Constructionalising non-canonical expressions in written Present-Day English" (chair: Javier Pérez Guerra)


12 May 2022, Emily Weidle (Dortmund University): "Varieties of English and multilingualism: performing culture and identity through language and the new media" (chair: Elena Seoane)


20 April 2022, Laura Abalo Dieste: "Identifying colloquialisation strategies in contemporary English: A corpus-driven study" (chair: Yolanda Fernández Pena)


23 March 2022, Itziar Bermejo Freijo: "Actitudes, percepciones y prácticas lingüísticas en el ayuntamiento de Pontevedra" (chair: Miguel Cuevas Alonso)


21 February 2022, Carlos J. Lindade Rodrigues: "An overview on how ELT coursebooks promote teaching pronunciation in Portugal" (chair: Esperanza Rama Martínez)


25 January 2022, Pablo Vilas Santamaría: "'I admit I need feedback': Clausal complementation in inner and outer circle varieties" (chairs: Elena Seoane, Cristina Suárez-Gómez)


11 November 2021, Sara Albán Barcia: "One manuscript, five artefacts: Variation in late Middle English palaeography" (chair: Nuria Yáñez Bouza)


26 October 2021, Heidi Douglas: "English as a Lingua Franca and its repercussions on English Language Teaching" (chair: Elena Seoane)


14 October 2021, Sandy Tatiana Soto Armijos: "Primary and secondary school EFL teachers as researchers in Ecuador: Policy makers demands and teachers readiness" (chair: Dolores González Álvarez)


14 July 2021

Claudia de la Iglesia Sanjuán "Attitudes towards non-standard varieties of English by Spanish EFL University students" (chair: Rosalía Rodríguez Vázquez)

Yasmín Lisseth Pinto Sánchez "L1 influence on L2 intonation patterns in Ecuadorian students of EFL: The case of interrogative utterances" (chair: Rosalía Rodríguez Vázquez)


2 June 2021, Raquel P. Romasanta: "The predicting power of geographical location in syntactic variability across World Englishes" (chair: Elena Seoane)


5 May 2021, Carla María Míguez Álvarez: "Comprensión lectora y metacomprensión en el alumnado de educación primaria. Avances en la investigación en lengua española" (chair: Miguel Cuevas-Alonso)


7 April 2021, Celia Veiga Pérez: "The learning context (SA vs. AH) and the perception of English vowel sounds" (chair: Nuria Yáñez-Bouza)